Rock Bottom Vogue

 I tend to believe that ANYONE can express themselves beautifully with what the wear without having to max out credit cards for it. And while I enjoy mentally spending my entire bank account on the latest and greatest, reality usually leads me back to making responsible style decisions with my coins. 

In fact at one point, back in college, I found that vintage shopping allowed me the opportunity to make statements with my clothing for the best price. 
(I'll spare you the #TBT photos of those times - thank me later ) 
But Dechoes Resale here in Orlando was and still is THEE place to get amazingly unique pieces at a great price.

Statement pieces in this look like the super unique Converse and Michael Kors purse retail for less than $80! While the other pieces less than $20. 

My clothing palette is always pretty muted. Nudes and cool tones really are my jam, but I love the idea of mixing patterns and textures to create a multi-dimensional look that is all me!
SIDENOTE: There's nothing like having true friends in fashion and faith! Ladies you can talk lipstick and life with. In a weird way, style really does bring so many people together.  Where else can so many different looks and perspectives come together to absolutely serve life with amazingly priced statement pieces?!

One thing I have learned in life is that it is essential to surround yourself with amazing like-minded people who propel you to be your best. So even if you are feeling "Rock Bottom" whether spiritually, financially or otherwise, you can count on your support system to see you through it!

This collaboration is brought to you by Chic Conviction, sponsored by Dechoes Resale.

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  1. I love this, Lex and your impeccable style! I also love being your friend!
    Love, Aida

    1. Aww! thanks so much Aida! Love you too girl!!!

  2. Honey, baby chile! You are cooking with gas... You're so effin' hot, I can't take it. Love all of this. My favorite look is the plaid... but you know this already. Werk, werk, werk!!!!